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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds apps are crashing non-stop for some, but a fix is ​​promised

In the meantime, here are some workarounds you can try

Samsung’s entire lineup of Galaxy Buds are the best wireless earbuds you can pick up right now, especially if you’ve got a Galaxy phone to go along with them. The actual hardware’s great, but a lot of that awesome experience has to do with the feature-rich software you can install on your phone to better configure your sound and usage according to your needs. Things can quickly fall apart, though, if that software fails and, unfortunately, that’s exactly what owners of the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Pro are having to put up with for the past few days.


According to multiple complaints on Samsung’s official forums and Reddit, both Galaxy Buds Manager and Galaxy Buds Pro Manager apps are constantly crashing, bothering users by throwing those “keeps stopping” or “not responding” prompts every few minutes or so, even when the Buds are not in use. The issue doesn’t seem to be smartphone-specific, but the crashes have been reported primarily from Samsung phones like the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Note20, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s also quite possible that the other Galaxy Buds manager apps are affected, too – 9to5Google reports that apps managing the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Live are doing the same thing.

Funnily enough, the Galaxy Watch4 plugin is suffering from the exact issue at the moment, making it likely the Watch and Buds apps issues are related while also making things worse for users who have both apps installed.

Hopefully, whatever’s triggering the crashes won’t be hanging around for long — a Samsung moderator says that “there’s an update coming soon to fix it.”

In the meantime, you can try re-installing the affected app as a workaround. Before doing so, check if the “Nearby devices” permission for the Galaxy Wearables app is granted, just the way the same moderator has advised you. Then, make sure you pick Galaxy Buds version 4.1.22051251 to install. It’s actually done the job for some and may do the same for you.

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