Brent Pry on quarterbacks, offensive philosophy in 2022

Brent Pry on quarterbacks, offensive philosophy in 2022

Virginia Tech Head Coach Brent Pray is about to begin his first fall camp as the head coach of the hokies and he will do it with a brewing quarterback battle between transfers Grant Wells (Marshall) and Jason Brown (South Carolina).

Both Wells and Brown competed throughout spring camp but an official starter has yet to be named.

On a podcast released this week, Coach Pry spoke about the quarterback battle with Bill Roth as the Hokies prepare to enter fall camp soon.

Roth asked Pry what he wants to see from his top two signal callers as Virginia Tech opens fall camp?

“Continued improvement,” Pry said. “They are both demonstrating leadership qualities, they are improving, their relationship with the team is important, but their relationship with Brad – Coach Glenn – and Coach Bowen, the chemistry’s got to be right with all your guys, but particularly with that guy ( the quarterback) and I think we’ve got two really good people. They are solid citizens, they are hard workers, they are high football IQ, and they are coachable. They both have had success in different ways, right? Grant’s had a couple of years of good numbers and a lot of snaps and then Jason has won on the biggest stage over some really big folks in some big games. They both bring a lot to the table. I’m excited, the competition this summer in preseason camp, I feel like we’ve got two good ones.”

Pry also touched on the offensive philosophy, which will revolve around a heavy run game. While the Hokies lost Raheem Blackshear to the NFL following the 2021 season, they do return Malachi Thomas who rushed for 440-yards and three touchdowns on just 93 carries.

Virginia Tech also returns Jalen Holston and Keyshawn King, who have shown their abilities in the ACC, along with younger runners like Kenji Christian, Chance Blackand Bryce Duke.

“I want us to run the football. I want us to be able to run the ball. I know as a defense play caller it makes the game difficult to call if you can’t stop the run. We went out and hired the best offensive line coach in the country. I’m not saying we are going to be three yards and a cloud of dust, not that, but you have to have a legitimate running attack. We didn’t have one at Penn State last year and it hurt us, we didn’t have a 100-yard back all season. We did a lot of other things well, but it’s a little bit easier on the defense when you can’t run the football, so we are going to do that.”

On the defensive side of the ball, where Pry has a long history of fielding competitive defensive units, he needs to see more consistent physicality and speed this fall.

“One of the things I look for first is I want to see defensively guys running by people to get to the ball. No regard for their body. That’s something that Micah Parsons did an unbelievable job of, he is super talented, but a trademark of Bud’s defense when they were at their best and I would hope people would say about our Penn State defenses was that they just played so hard. You don’t worry about banging an elbow, you aren’t feeling your way, you are going. You are hellbent, you are rolling to the football. When the ball declares, you react and you drive. You run by people to get to the ball. I look for that on recruiting film and I look for that from our unit. We have to do that. We’ve got some guys that do that, but we don’t have enough of them right now.”

Virginia Tech opens the 2022 football season on Friday, September 2, on the road against Old Dominion. kick off is set for 7:00 PM.

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